Morocco – Cheap Country To Retire Overseas

Post date: May 5th, 2010

Many have considered Morocco as the best retirement country in the past years. From an attractive Mediterranean climate in the North and some mountains, to its distinct wildlife diversity and warm people, it really is the best place to retire.  In fact, Morocco ranked 15th in the world among the preferred retirement places for the westerners. Morocco is bordered by Spain to the north, Alegria to the east, and Mauritiana to the south. It has a population of nearly 32 million and an area of 710.850 km². The currency is Moroccan dirhams (MAD/DH). Learn more about what makes Morocco a cheap country to retire overseas.

Casablanca / ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʼ
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Transportation. The usual way to reach Morocco is through Europe. You may also take a freighter to Casablanca, Rabat or Tangier. If you are coming from the United States, the easiest route would be to take a ship which stopped at Gibraltar and then take the ferry across to Tangier or Ceuta. Ships which call at Gibraltar from New York are: the American Export Lines, Home Lines, Italia Line, Lauro Lines. Prepare to pay $175 tourist class, $250 Cabin class, and $310 First class if you come from New York.

You can also take a ship from England on various lines at a cost of about $28 one way. From Gibraltar the ferry to Tangier costs one pound ($2.80). Moroccan roads are comparably good as European ones. Gasoline is cheaper than in Europe. If you plan to travel by air, fare is $5.32 to Tangier. Gibraltar connects with London for about $80 by B.E.A. By railroad you can take the Spanish trains right down to Algeciras and then ferry across the narrow straits. Although is not highly recommended. Bus service is quite good and boasts second and first class seats.

Cost of Living. Morocco has been attracting foreign residents because it is as cheap as Spain in terms of prices in foods, restaurant and travel fares. Staying in Tangier for example would only require you around $300 the whole month. You can find here small shops which is as big as a phone booth.  Larger apartments with flats and bigger houses are cheap. An unfurnished apartment costs around $40 a month. Due to low taxes, clothing is inexpensive.

Leisure. If you want to experience all kind of sports or leisure activity, Tangier is the recommended place. This place offers the best beaches in the world, making it one of the best places to retire for those who love to frisk in the coastline. Recreational facilities are available such as yacht club, polo ground, tennis courts and many others. You can go horse racing, motor racing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and even skiing. Of course, do not miss the famous bullrings where the biggest matadors of Spain hold grand fights yearly.

Peace and Order. You can assure of living your retirement here with peace of mind as this country had less criminality compared to other industrialized countries. According to the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s 2009 Crime and Safety Report, Morocco does not pose a great threat to Americans visiting or working in this country.

Business. If you plan to engage into business, Morocco is encouraging investments giving out better opportunities. Based on the 2009 Investment Climate Statement of the Bureau of Energy and Business Affairs of the United States, Morocco’s economy has sought to adapt new macro-economic policies, trade liberalization, and structural reforms. However, according to the World Bank’s 2008 “Doing Business in Morocco” report, the country’s excessive bureaucratic red tape is a major constraint on the competitiveness of the economy and deters investors.

If you are looking for an exceptional, relaxing and reasonably priced place to stay for your retirement years, you should not forget Morocco in your list of best retirement place. It is truly a cheap country to retire.

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